Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
– Albert Einstein

Investment and Trading world is full of over-complication but successful strategy is ought to be simple. At the same time no single strategy is going to be a perpetual money making machine. Vulture’s Pick is a result of dedicated efforts for over 15 years to develop simple but effective strategy. The unique combination of proprietary data fields, use of artificial neural network and genetic algorithms powered by computation power of Amazon Cloud infrastructure – to have capability to adapt and evolve in order to capture and respond to changing market dynamics through training and optimization on continuously changing data set -helps to generate timely and profitable investment/trading signals.

Vulture’s Pick is Buy & Sell Signal Service for Cryptocurrencies and Indian Stock Market. These signals are discovered with the help of Artificial Intelligence using current market data and hypothesis that market is not completely efficient in any time frame. These inefficiencies, in due course of time, will eventually be identified by market participants and will vanish. So act on them now and let the market play out the magic in your favor.